Long time no see! Huh?


Sorry friends, I'll try to post more on my blog! Lots of travels have happened since my last post here. I will write about most of them in the next coming month. For my first update I want to share a little bit from a recent trip I took with my mom.

There will be definitely a longer post about my time in Paris with tips for places to visit and different stories but for now I want to give you a little present from the city of love. Here are a few photos that you can download and use as a wallpaper for your phone. Oh là là!

Давно не виделись! 


Простите, друзья, я постараюсь больше не пропадать на такое долгое время! 

Скоро вас ждут посты о моих путешествиях, которые случились этим летом. А пока я хочу сделать для вас маленький подарок из города любви – обои, которые вы можете скачать, для ваших телефонов.